Mr. Chillingsworth Medallion Quilt

Mr Chillingsworth

I have wanted a medallion-esque quilt for at least 6 months, but the work and repetition of making so many of each block type just has overwhelmed me. I had this idea a few weeks ago to use Mr. Chillingsworth as basically a medallion and proceed from there, growing my quilt until it was a more useable size. There have been a few requests for info on how I did this, so here you go!

First Border:

Start by squaring up your panel. As you can see, mine was not printed straight and I had a tricky time squaring it up. I then added a border of black with gray dots (leftover from backing from my Tessellations quilt) to make it 25.5″ x 45.5″. Depending on the size your panel ends up being, you’ll need to do a little bit of math there. Guess bigger if you’re having a hard time and you can always trim it down.

Flying Geese: 

(64) 3″ x 5-1/2″ assorted prints (I used black, gray, and various oranges)

(128) 3″ x 3″ white squares

Make your flying geese using your preferred method. Assemble 2 rows of 10 to go on the top and bottom of Mr. Chillingsworth and 2 rows of 22 for the sides. Pay attention to the direction the geese are facing if you’d like them to circle around like mine do.

Second Border:

(6) 3.5″ x width of fabric (WOF) strips.

Piece 2 sets of 2 together for the sides. Sew the bottom borders on first, then the side borders.

Economy Block:

(36) 3″ x 3″ for centers (here’s a great opportunity for some fussy cutting!)

(72) 3.25″ x 3.25″ assorted print squares, cut in half once diagonally

(72) 4″ x 4″ white squares, cut in half once diagonally

Use your preferred method for constructing an economy block. I like to do the top/bottom triangles first, press them toward the newest layer, then do the remaining two sides for each square. I didn’t take any photos of this step because I didn’t think that far ahead. 🙁 I imagine there are fabulous tutorials for constructing an economy block if you search for them. You will need 36 6.5″ economy blocks.

Sew 2 rows of 6 for the top/bottom and 2 rows of 12 for the sides. The proportions ended up slightly off for me and I had to add some white spacers on the ends of my top/bottom rows. The tutorial I found were supposed to be for 5″ economy blocks and yet I ended up with 6.5″. Instead of letting it bug me, I chose to make lemonade and just move on.

Final Border:

(3) 4″ x WOF

(4) 5″ x WOF

Sew the 4″ strips into one continuous segment, cut off what you need for the top and bottom borders. Then sew 2 sets of 2 strips for the side borders.

I hope that makes sense and helps you out if you’re wanting to make one of your own! As always, tag me on instagram and let me see what you’re up to!