Felt Ornament Advent Calendar

I remember it very vividly. It was 4 years ago. I had just started getting into quilting and I suddenly saw Thimbleblossoms making this amazing Purl Soho advent calendar kit. I really, REALLY wanted to make it, but I didn’t want to spend the crazy money for this kit without being better at sewing. Fast forward to today. I have worked on my hand sewing skills enough in the last 4 years to finally feel confident to spend the money on this amazing kit.

I LOVED making these ornaments. I found the process to be very relaxing. I had never done any bead work before, but I can guarantee this will not be my last time bedazzling something by hand. I did find some of the instructions to be a little hard to follow and I wished that the author had told me where to start sewing on all of the ornament shapes to be able to stuff it more easily…. However, every time I finished an ornament, I got giddy. I could not believe that I made it! The birds! The candy canes! The trees! All of them! This has been safely tucked away until Christmas time, but I can tell you I am certain this will become a family favorite heirloom that my kids fight over when I’m dead. 🙂

The BEST Burp Cloths

Hopefully you aren’t getting sick of all of the baby prep projects I’ve been up to lately. One thing I can almost guarantee is that this baby girl will spit up a lot. It’s been my experience with our other two children… I just know we are going to need a lot of burp cloths. I searched the internet to find a good tutorial for burp cloths. I do not care for ones that are made out of cloth diapers. They take a really long time to get to the point that they are absorbent. When I saw Dana’s tutorial for chenille backed burp cloths, I immediately ordered chenille from Amazon and started plotting.

I made mine using fat eighths that I had in my stash. I have loved the cute Alice and Wonderland Rifle Paper Co. prints and this was the perfect little project for these fat eighths. I ended up pulling a few other fat eighths I had and went to town. I can’t wait to meet our daughter and finally have a use for these burp cloths.