Gingham Pillow

As I get closer to the end of this pregnancy, my body is just tired. I am having a hard time bending over (whaaat?! 🙂 and I am loving smaller projects I can start and finish in an afternoon, if I’m lucky. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the swimming pool and that means my boys are wiped out in the late afternoon, so I get some sewing time.

One of my favorite quilters is Meg from Monograms for Makers. She released a FREE pillow pattern for a fun gingham quilt on point and I knew I had to make one for a pillow refresh for my couch. I used two of my favorite, hoarded cotton + steel basics paired with another hoarded Rifle Paper Co. print to create a slightly less conventional gingham pattern.

Since I spend a lot of time sitting trying to not have this baby early, I also decided to do some big stitch hand quilting. I love the look of hand quilting. If you’re not someone who is confident or familiar with big stitch hand quilting with perle cotton, might I recommend a pillow cover as a great place to start? It’s small enough to work with and get enough practice without being a daunting project.


I am pretty sure I can’t be the only person who is THRILLED that scrunchies are back. Sure, they were great the first time around, but this time I have a fabric stash! I can use my favorite, most treasured bits of fabric and wear them in a socially acceptable way in my hair! It is just the BEST!

After looking a a few tutorials, I landed on the Martha Stewart tutorial as my favorite. It made the most sense to me, even though they are all pretty similar. It just so happened that I had a bunch of 3.5″ strips lying around and I maybe went a little crazy…….

The really good news is, I am set on gifts for friends for awhile. 🙂 Have you been bitten by the scrunchie craze?