Vintage Sherbet Pattern Release

I am soooooo excited to release my newest pattern today, Vintage Sherbet! This one has a really special back story that I thought would be best to share here on my blog.

I made this quilt originally about a year ago and enjoyed hand quilting it. I went for some free form baptist clams using perle cotton and it has the softest texture because of that.

This quilt has a really special back story that I thought I’d share here on my blog. We are blessed to have a quilt made by my husband’s great-grandmother, Ellen Susanna. She was born in 1867, got married in 1900, had 7 children, and then lost her husband in 1916, when her youngest (my husband’s grandmother) was just 3. She worked very hard to provide for her family. One thing she did was make clothing for others. She used the extra leftover fabric to make this quilt.

I love that it is mismatched, has velvet, wool, suiting, you name it and it’s in this quilt, but it is a show of resourcefulness of generations past and I love it for that. As a tribute to this beautiful quilt, I wanted to remake it in a modern way. My quilt is asymmetrical like hers. It uses a chunky sashing and stones like hers. It finishes with half and quarter blocks around the edges like hers. In every way I could, I made it like hers.

This pattern uses a mega charm pack of 5″ charms from Robert Kauffman, which helps a lot to make assembly easier. You only need 9 low volume fat quarters (or raid your scrap bin!) as well as 1 3/4 yards of low volume for the sashing and 1 fat quarter (or quarter yard) for the stones.

I could not be happier with how this quilt turned out. It is a real tribute to generations past, not just my husband’s great-grandmother. This pattern is now available in my Etsy shop and in celebration, my entire etsy shop is 20% off currently.

One thought on “Vintage Sherbet Pattern Release

  1. Both quilts are amazing, Jen. I love your bridge from the current to the past. What a tribute to your husband’s heritage.

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