#CountdownChainAlong finish!

I got a major bee in my bonnet after making 1 set of chains and decided that it would be such a great gift to give to my sisters, sisters-in-law, parents, and parents-in-law this Christmas. I made 10 sets. Yes. 250 links. It was a little bonkers getting it done so quickly, but honestly I enjoyed every single step of this project. Unlike other projects I’ve made this year that were made from a jelly roll and had a 3-D element to them, this is one I would HAPPILY make again and again and again.

When I finished, I linked them all together and took a few staged photos because how could I not?! When will I ever have 250 links to put together again?! I put them on and felt a lot like Marley and Marley from A Christmas Carol (ok…. Muppet Christmas Carol, if I’m going to be honest)

But nothing can stop me from smiling at this gift that we will enjoy for years and years and years! All from fabric!!!

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