Janome Walking Foot for Juki

One of the things I like the least about my Juki 2000 is the walking foot. It is loud, does not stitch evenly, and is just not the best. I had heard that there was a Janome walking foot that worked wonderfully for the Juki. Once Brynn @brynnsews bought one and told me that it was indeed a great fit and sews wonderfully, I took the plunge. I am happy to report that after quilting a few quilts with it, I am soooo glad I spent the $60 on this walking foot. It comes with guides, which the Juki does NOT have and I missed desperately. Here’s the link to purchase it on Amazon if you’re in the same boat. It is an affiliate link, which means I get like 2 cents from you buying it, but in the spirit of full disclosure, there it is.

3 thoughts on “Janome Walking Foot for Juki

  1. Thanks, Jen – I love, love, love my Juki for piecing, but can’t stand the walking foot. I may have to talk to Santa. 🙂 I’m still struggling with the FMQ foot too – do you happen to know if there is an adjustable Janome foot that fits the Juki? I’ve talked with several dealers, but haven’t gotten anywhere.

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