7 Quilts for 7 Sisters (not quite, but pretty darn close!)

In May of 2015, my husband’s oldest sister unexpectedly passed away. It was a really rough time for everyone. I was super pregnant with our son and my husband didn’t feel like he could leave me to go to her funeral in a different state. Later on last year, I just got the feeling that I wanted to make a quilt for all of our sisters (I have 2, my husband has 4) as well as my mother-in-law. It was a ton of work and it was hard to give all of them away as I had made things I loved so much. Last week when my husband and I were in Boston visiting one of his sisters, I delivered the very last sister quilt!!!! It was so fun having more of a purpose in making quilts over the last year. There have been many that I’ve made for me or just for fun, but I am glad each of our sisters have a big hug to wrap themselves up in from me.

This was made for my youngest sister, who majored in english and has spent a great deal of her “adult” life editing. I used Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds Ink and made her a fun Flirty quilt by April Rosenthal.


This was made for my oldest sister using V and Co. Simply Colorful and a Floret quilt pattern by Coriander Quilts.


This was made for me initially, but one of my husband’s sisters loved it so much, I gave it to her. It’s a Clambake quilt by Thimbleblossoms made in Hello Darling. This was also the start of my gradient obsession.


This was made for my husband’s sister who lives in Seattle using Gooseberry fabric and Cake Blossoms by Sterling Quilt co.


This was made for one of my husband’s sisters who lives close by. I used Strawberry Fields Revisited and made another Flirty quilt by April Rosenthal.


This is for my husband’s sister who lives in Boston. I used various Moda Bella solids from the V and Co and Kate Spain bundles and the Ruby quilt pattern by Gigi’s Thimble.


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