#jensfillerblocks Mini Geometric Sewing Machine

13561959_618932114938467_1775259944_nStarting today, I’ll be posting a new #jensfillerblocks and calling it Filler Block Friday. I know many quilters have their most sewing time on the weekend when they’re not at work, so Friday seemed like a great day to add something else to the to-do list for the weekend. 🙂 I will sometimes share blocks I’ve shrunken down and sometimes share blocks that you can find elsewhere. Today’s block comes from Kristy over at Quiet Play. She makes such fun foundation paper pieced patterns. If you’ve been scared to paper piece, youtube will be your very best friend. Once you wrap your brain around it, you can totally do it!!!

You can find the pattern for this awesome mini geometric sewing machine in Kristy’s Craftsy store. I would highly recommend coloring it in before you dive in. I thought I could keep everything straight and I couldn’t. Thankfully I colored in each segment with colored pencils first, but even then my brain had to make sure it was seeing pink, not red. Have fun and make sure to tag me on instagram @heritage.threads and also use the #jensfillerblocks hashtag. I love seeing what people are creating and it inspires me!

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