I am SOOOO excited about my newest sewalong! Have you seen Holly’s (Maker Valley) ADORABLE pre-cut countdown chains?!?!? They are so beyond clever and so so so so so cute! I have made 1 set and have plans to make many more. I thought this would make such a fun sewalong, so Holly and I are thrilled to announce the schedule for you to sew along with us! In order to not give away too much of the pattern, I will use the figures from the pattern as a guide for you to follow. It will be very easy and self explanatory as long as you have purchased the pattern from Holly. If you haven’t, here is a direct link: Pre-Cut Countdown Chains

October 15 – Do all of your cutting and fusing (Figures A-F in the pattern)

October 22 – Do sewing, trimming, and turning (Figures G-J)

October 29- Do topstitching, quilting, and velcro (Figures K-M)

This is BY FAR my favorite 3-D thing I’ve ever made using fabric. There are some other things I’ve made once and I will never make again. This is not one of those things. I will make it over and over and over because it is just so fun and cute and clever. Will you be joining us? If you’ve been on the fence, grab a jelly roll, fat quarters, or layer cake and come make a cute countdown chain before Christmas decorating is in full swing!

Christmas Patchwork

A few months ago, I bought a “Sugar Plum and Friends” layer cake from Handcut Fabric. I really do not need another Christmas quilt, but I just could not pass up Sugar Plum. The mice! The nutcrackers! The peppermints!! I added a bit of fabric from my stash and made it quite a bit bigger than I originally anticipated. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to quilt this, but then my husband’s aunt asked me if I wanted her hand quilting frames!!! Thankfully we have an unfinished basement and a place to store them when not in use, so we said yes! I have used it now on two quilts and I LOVE it! I quilted this in a No 8 Perle cotton in a simple diagonal cross hatch through the “center” of each block. It is backed in an Cotton + Steel brushed twill backing and man, this quilt is going to be SOFT and snuggled and loved forever.

Pink Sew Together Bags

Possibly the most feared bag for most of us is the Sew Together Bag. The pattern does not have many diagrams, there are a lot of steps, etc etc etc. However, there are many blogs out there that have tips and photos that make the process less scary. I have made several now and as long as I take the time to understand each step, it goes very smoothly and well.

One of my dear sewing friends had a birthday in September and I thought it would be fun to make her a Sew Together Bag. Much to my joy, she requested a pink bag! I looked through my pink fabrics and tried to pick few different ones with varying hues of pink. In the end, I was very happy with the outside (all of it, really 🙂 I made an extra one for myself as well!