Big Stitch Binding

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen people doing a newer binding technique that is referred to as “big stitch binding”. It is basically the brother to big stitch quilting, of which I am a huge fan. Up until last week I hadn’t tried big stitch binding and I am kicking myself for not trying it sooner. It was so easy and added SUCH a fun accent to the client quilt I was binding.

There are a few basic tutorials out there, but if you are comfortable with binding, you can likely figure it out even with out a tutorial. However, if you are interested in a tutorial, Kitchen Table Quilting has a fabulous one with photos.

The supplies required are exactly the same as those I’ve linked on my hand quilting post HERE.

I will definitely be doing big stitch binding on my next quilt where it seems like it will fit in stylistically. I found it to be much quicker and easier than normal binding!

Fancy Fox Quilt

My oldest son turned 8 a few days ago. In our family that means it is time for him to be baptized! I decided in May that I wanted to make him a quilt to commemorate the special occasion. My wonderful husband is a graphic designer and I really wanted to utilize his expertise and his creative eye so it would be a quilt from us, not me.

My husband suggested we model the quilt after many of the famous Andy Warhol’s pop culture, brightly colored pieces. We settled on a color scheme of bright, fun colors. We used Kona Cotton solids for these colors. I took care of the sewing, he spray basted the quilt, I quilted and bound it, and we gifted it together. I’m pretty sure our son liked it, but he LOVED the pokemon backing we chose. 🙂 It’s great to be 8!

Felt Ornament Advent Calendar

I remember it very vividly. It was 4 years ago. I had just started getting into quilting and I suddenly saw Thimbleblossoms making this amazing Purl Soho advent calendar kit. I really, REALLY wanted to make it, but I didn’t want to spend the crazy money for this kit without being better at sewing. Fast forward to today. I have worked on my hand sewing skills enough in the last 4 years to finally feel confident to spend the money on this amazing kit.

I LOVED making these ornaments. I found the process to be very relaxing. I had never done any bead work before, but I can guarantee this will not be my last time bedazzling something by hand. I did find some of the instructions to be a little hard to follow and I wished that the author had told me where to start sewing on all of the ornament shapes to be able to stuff it more easily…. However, every time I finished an ornament, I got giddy. I could not believe that I made it! The birds! The candy canes! The trees! All of them! This has been safely tucked away until Christmas time, but I can tell you I am certain this will become a family favorite heirloom that my kids fight over when I’m dead. 🙂