Making a Quilted Pillow with Cricut Explore Air 2

I am excited to share a fun experiment gone right with you today. I was invited to participate in The Fat Quarter Shop’s Pillow Fight (I outlined what that means and all about the amazing book HERE) and thought this would be a fun time to experiment with my Cricut Explore Air 2.

Because I wanted to cut out circles from fabric, but I wanted extreme control over where the fabric was cut, I decided that using freezer paper would be my best option to get the results I was desiring. Did you know you can cut out freezer paper using your Cricut Explore Air 2? I sure did not.

To begin, make sure you have freezer paper. I found the cheapest place to get this is at the grocery store. Shocker there. 🙂

Cut the freezer paper down to the size of your Cricut light grip mat. I used a 12″ x 24″ mat, so I cut my freezer paper down to 12″ x 24″ using my rotary cutter that has been deemed my “paper” rotary cutter. Adhere it to the mat with the shiny side DOWN. Work in Cricut Design Space to prep whatever shape you are wanting to cut out (for me it was circles).

When you go to cut out your freezer paper shapes, turn the Smart Set Dial to “custom”. You will then need to search the custom materials until you find parchment paper. That will cut your freezer paper perfectly!

If you are using freezer paper to center on a fussy cut section of fabric, simply heat your iron up, and press it shiny side down onto the RIGHT side of the fabric. Good news. If you mess up a bit, you can lift it off and readhere it using your iron. Freezer paper is the best!

But wait, there’s more!!! You can also use your Cricut Explore Air 2 on the exact same settings to cut Heat ‘n’ Bond Lite!!! I cut out the circles I needed for my fabric fussy cuts using the same process outlined above (just make sure the paper side goes onto the sticky side of the Cricut mat)

I loved this experiment and I am so glad it worked out in my favor! If you are interested in making a pillow of your own, be sure to grab Edyta Sitar’s book Pillow Talk from The Fat Quarter Shop HERE!

Cotton + Steel Selvage Quilt

Have you ever finished a project that made you absolutely, completely, utterly happy to finish?? This quilt is that for me. I have been saving Cotton + Steel selvages for years and thanks to the help of some wonderful friends who sent me selvages, this quilt is now DONE!

I shared my methodology in a previous blog post (HERE) and made 99 blocks for a twin sized quilt. I made sure to press all of the seams open to help reduce bulk and now it’s waiting for a trip to the quilter! I can’t wait to see what Debbie of Hobble Creek Quilting does!

I estimate there are well over 100 different fabrics represented here from various Cotton + Steel original lines as well as Ruby Star Society lines. It was absolutely a labor of love, but I know this will be an absolute favorite forever!

Chain Reaction Quilt in Gingham Farm

Have you ever made a quilt you loved so much that you just couldn’t wait to gift it? This quilt is it! I made it with my neighbor and friend in mind and I could NOT wait to gift it. Literally minutes after finishing the binding and taking photos, I was texting her asking if she was home so I could go drop it off. It is so perfectly her. I have been WAITING for someone to design fabric that fits her personality and thankfully Gingham Farm by Jen Allyson is it!

The mix of florals, stripes, gingham, and cute blenders make this collection a wonderful treat to work with. I decided to use Cluck Cluck Sew’s Chain Reaction quilt pattern. I wanted to showcase the beautiful florals and I knew I needed a pattern that left them in a larger piece so they wouldn’t be chopped to bits.

I decided to hand quilt this using Perle Cotton #8 in 3 different coordinating colors. I love the softness this adds to a rather geometric pattern. Add in a beautiful Blossom backing and this quilt is just a beauty! Make sure to look for Gingham Farm coming to your favorite local quilt shop soon!