#sewingavillage quiltalong

At the beginning of this year, Ann of Stitch Supply Co. started a fabulous quiltalong for Carrie Nelson’s Village Quilt. I tried soooo hard to resist jumping on the bandwagon, but in the end resistance was futile. I saw it as such a great way to use scraps and I was right (thankfully sometimes I am! 🙂 I LOVED diving through scraps from other projects and reminiscing on the quilts that they came from. Once Ann introduced the idea of fussy cutting the doors, I knew I was dead. It became suuuuch a fun addiction to fussy cut the cute little doors and turn this into a fun, modern I Spy quilt for my 6 year old and 2 year old to enjoy. There were about 60 or so people who joined in the #fussycutdoorswap I ran and that upped the fun level quite a bit for me, as old friends and new swapped doors with me.

I decided as I started making this quilt that I wanted to use Low Volume fabric as my background. I chose only those from what I categorize as Whisper Quiet and Normal Speaking Voice, as they are the least obtrusive to the overall design. I saved my “I don’t have an inside voice” Low Volume scraps for my backing.

Heather Ross’s Kinder line came out at just the right time for me to include my family’s first initial hidden in 4 houses throughout the top and my last name in houses was added to the back. I also realized as I was making this quilt that it would be a really fun quilt for which to make a patchwork backing. Some might think it was a little nuts to cut up perfectly good sized scraps into 5″ squares and make an entire backing like that, and they are definitely right. However, in the end I am so glad I made this literally a 2-sided quilt. This has quickly become a favorite. I quilted it on my Juki using 3/4″ish spacing and “straight” lines. Some quilts I would never want to see over and over and over again as I pass over it with each line of quilting, but this quilt was such a joy to see over again and look at the doors and fabrics and think of all of the funny neighbor pairings in this lovely quilt.

Did you jump in on the sewalong? If not, it’s never too late to grab a pattern and get scrap busting or use your charm packs!

Make Modern Magazine Issue 22 Features

Last July after I finished my gorgeous, glorious, rainbow-tastic Bow Tie quilt, I had the idea to submit it as an idea for a pattern to Make Modern Magazine. I had been trying to be more bold in getting my ideas out there and the worst they could say was no (which they did not!!). This beautiful quilt was made with the help of my BFF Birthday Bee mates, who made about 1/3 of the blocks of this quilt following my request for low volume (whether whisper quiet or I don’t have an inside voice low volume) and any color but brown for the print. They did such a stunning job. I filled in the rest of the blocks with prints from my stash to create this one of a kind quilt. We love this quilt so much, we used it in our family photos taken last year. It adds just the perfect touch of personalization we were hoping for.

I also submitted an idea to Make Modern about writing an article about the impact of using just one, simple quilt block to create a stunning quilt. They liked that idea as well. I am so happy to say that my article, One Block Wonder, as well as the pattern for this Epic Bow Tie quilt are both in issue 22!

Last Friday I received the huge, surprise honor of seeing my quilt on the cover of the magazine when they posted it on Instagram. I never, ever imagined I’d ever make anything that was magazine cover worthy and I feel so humbled to have my quilt featured there. Head to www.makemodern.com.au to purchase issue 22 and if you do so before May 6th, use the code MM22 to bring the price to $6AUD. There are over 120 pages worth of amazingly inspiring things in this issue!

The moral of the story is don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Sometimes the answer is no, but sometimes the answer is yes and you learn a lot during the process and realize you love writing quilt articles and patterns!!

Scrap Vortex Quilt

About a year ago I was looking for an idea of how to use up my ever growing scrap pile. It was about that time that I saw Amanda Nyberg’s Scrap Vortex quilt methodology. I wasn’t sure I would like sewing pieces back together to make a larger chunk of fabric, but this has literally been the most fun I’ve ever had while making a quilt. I did not follow Amanda’s methodology completely, but it was such a good starting point for me to get the courage up to sew things together in any way I wanted.

This quilt became, in a way, a quilt scrapbook. I can look at any section and tell you which quilt the scraps came from. I am not sure if that knowledge will fade with time, but I absolutely love this as a reminder of all of the wonderful pieces of fabric that have run under my sewing machine. I am not sure if another one is in my future yet or not, but I do know this one will live on my couch for a long time. I backed it in a flannel sheet from Target and it just adds to its quirkiness and overall joy to me.