Stay Home Quilt

When I saw Cluck Cluck Sew’s new free pattern, I knew immediately I was going to make it. I love house quilts. I didn’t always, but they have grown on me immensely over the last few years. I have been struggling with finding a new balance in this weird new “normal”. I’ve wanted to sew, but it’s hard to find something I can work on in 5 second increments. I knew this pattern would be conducive to being interrupted as it doesn’t require a ton of concentration, it can all be chain pieced, and I knew it would be super cute.

I used Sweet Shoppe and Sweet Shoppe Too by Andover Fabrics and used up 37 fat quarters from my stash! I LOVE a quilt like this! When I finished the blocks I was having a really hard time trying to decide how to lay it out. I had an idea. … I decided to turn over the layout of the quilt to my adorable 8 year old son.

He stacked the blocks into groups of 10, then I sewed them together without changing much. I pressed the rows, then he decided how the rows would fit together. It was HARD to give up that much creative control to a cute 8 year old, but he was sure it would be cute and I just loved how enthusiastic he was about it.

Once I finished the top, I quickly made a backing, got it spray basted, and then did the trusty straight line quilting 3/4″ apart with Aurifil thread. By this point my son was asking if the quilt was done yet because he wanted to use it on his bed. Cue squeals of delight! Is there anything better?!?!?

We happily displayed it as part of the Quilt Porch Parade, then it got washed, and I imagine it will be his bed quilt for awhile. Have you ever given up creative control like that to your children? I must say it was really hard, but I knew on a quilt like this that was inherently busy it would look awesome no matter what, and it does! It will forever be a memory of this hard time, letting my sons participate in something I love to do.

Quilt Porch Parade Week 3

Well… here we are… still at home. Let’s get on to the quilts from this week’s parade!

The ever classic, always beloved Moda Modern Building blocks started us off with a bang this week. I made this quilt when I was 8 months pregnant with my 2nd child and whether he wants it or not, it will belong to him one day 🙂

Half Dash, the 4 color version, was a neighborhood favorite. I love the bright, happy colors of this bold statement quilt.

This is Cluck Cluck Sew’s Stay Home quilt and it has such a fun story it will be getting its own blog post. Let’s just say this quilt will be my oldest son’s forever and ever whether he wants it or not. 🙂

Rising Star by Vanessa Christensen, which as 11 billion tiny pieces, packs a mean visual punch. This quilt took soooo long to make, but i love it sooooooo much now!

Sewology by Pen and Paper Patterns was one I debated not showing. It is clearly a sewing themed quilt, but it was surprisingly well received by the neighbors. Any chance to show off kona pink flamingo is a win in my book.

My take on Cherry Tree Lane by Aqua Paisley Studios for the men-folk out there. I really enjoy the greens and blues in this one and the lattice pattern the gray creates.

This is flying geese log cabin, which is a free tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Co. I was a guest blogger in 2016 for this tutorial reboot. The gradient has my heart.

Week 4 coming right up. I really wonder if I’ll run out of quilts…. it seems like I might….. whoever would’ve thought we’d still be in isolation now basically 4 weeks later!

Quilt Porch Parade Week 2

Well, we are still at home and another week has passed full of quilts displayed on my porch. It has become my favorite part of the day when I get to decide which quilt to display.

This is Confetti Bomb, which I made as a sort of improv quilt with parameters. It has no pattern, but it definitely is a favorite of mine!

This is a 12″ Raspberry Kiss Block quilt made from a block swap that @craftycop hosted in 2017/2018 (??) The instructions for this resized block are available on the tutorials section of my blog.

This is Dresden Butterflies, which is a quilt I designed for Moda Bake Shop. I love the movement this simple block creates.

This is Dutchman’s Dilemma, which is a pattern I designed and is available in my etsy shop. Stay tuned for 2 other versions to come, if we stay at home that long!

This is Epic Bow tie, also available in my etsy shop. Rainbow gradient with low volume fabrics will always be something I gravitate towards.

Legendary by Elizabeth Hartman could not be left out for all of the believers out there.

This is my #sewingavillage quilt I made a few years ago as part of Stitch Supply Co’s sewalong. Each house has a little fussy cut door and the backing is the patchwork along with our last name.

Stay tuned for week 3’s quilts!