Making a Quilted Pillow with Cricut Explore Air 2

I am excited to share a fun experiment gone right with you today. I was invited to participate in The Fat Quarter Shop’s Pillow Fight (I outlined what that means and all about the amazing book HERE) and thought this would be a fun time to experiment with my Cricut Explore Air 2.

Because I wanted to cut out circles from fabric, but I wanted extreme control over where the fabric was cut, I decided that using freezer paper would be my best option to get the results I was desiring. Did you know you can cut out freezer paper using your Cricut Explore Air 2? I sure did not.

To begin, make sure you have freezer paper. I found the cheapest place to get this is at the grocery store. Shocker there. 🙂

Cut the freezer paper down to the size of your Cricut light grip mat. I used a 12″ x 24″ mat, so I cut my freezer paper down to 12″ x 24″ using my rotary cutter that has been deemed my “paper” rotary cutter. Adhere it to the mat with the shiny side DOWN. Work in Cricut Design Space to prep whatever shape you are wanting to cut out (for me it was circles).

When you go to cut out your freezer paper shapes, turn the Smart Set Dial to “custom”. You will then need to search the custom materials until you find parchment paper. That will cut your freezer paper perfectly!

If you are using freezer paper to center on a fussy cut section of fabric, simply heat your iron up, and press it shiny side down onto the RIGHT side of the fabric. Good news. If you mess up a bit, you can lift it off and readhere it using your iron. Freezer paper is the best!

But wait, there’s more!!! You can also use your Cricut Explore Air 2 on the exact same settings to cut Heat ‘n’ Bond Lite!!! I cut out the circles I needed for my fabric fussy cuts using the same process outlined above (just make sure the paper side goes onto the sticky side of the Cricut mat)

I loved this experiment and I am so glad it worked out in my favor! If you are interested in making a pillow of your own, be sure to grab Edyta Sitar’s book Pillow Talk from The Fat Quarter Shop HERE!

“Pillow Talk” Pillow Fight!

Vote HERE! (on The Fat Quarter Shop Blog)

Have you been following along with The Fat Quarter Shop’s “Pillow Fight” to celebrate the release of Edyta Sitar’s amazing Pillow Talk book??? I am so honored to have been invited to participate in a Pillow Fight between myself and Elise Baek of Elise and Emelie. Ironically enough, we both chose the same pillow from Edyta’s book without communicating about it. 🙂

There are SO many amazing pillows in Edyta’s book that it was really hard to narrow it down to one pillow. If you’re in the same boat I was in, The Fat Quarter Shop has offered up a kit for the pillows in Edyta’s book. Laser cut shapes that have already been fused!

For the pillow I made, I chose Edyta’s Dot Dot Dot Pillow. I knew I wanted to do fussy cuts for my circles the second I saw this pillow. I had lots in my stash from various designers (Tasha Noel, Amy Smart, original Cotton + Steel, Ruby Star Society, Heather Ross) and wanted to feature my favorites on this pillow.

I used a base of Robert Kaufmann Essex Yarn Dyed Classic Nautical for my front and backing. I wanted something that still had some personality without distracting from my fussy cuts. I quilted more or less a cross hatch down the centers of each square on the diagonal before I fused my fussy cuts. For my process on fusing and cutting my fussy cuts, check out this blog post.

I then hand quilted around each circle using Aurifloss. It added a fun touch that fits my personal quilting style very well. Gradient + hand quilting = true love.

I added a Sally Tomato zipper to the back as well as a fun squirrel label because who hasn’t been distracted by a quilting squirrel or two or twelve before?! I’ve never quilted the back of a pillow before, but it will definitely become my go-to now.

The Fat Quarter Shop has opened up voting for this round of myself vs. Elise on their blog HERE. Who will come out victorious? Only time will tell!

Sew Colorful Club with Fat Quarter Shop

Have you heard of Fat Quarter Shop’s Sew Colorful Club?? Each month they send you a curated bundle of fat quarters that are all based off of one color. If you are looking for a really fun way to get a variety of fabrics into your stash, this is such a fabulous way to do so! The schedule of colors is as follows:

I am super excited to be participating in June with the color yellow. Yellow is not a color I generally use a lot. In fact, if you look in my stash, the color I have the least of is actually yellow. I thought this would be a really fun challenge to use yellow instead of a go-to like pink. 🙂

If you are interested in signing up, you can do so by clicking HERE.

My wheels are turning and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve come up with in June. I hope you’ll join in the fun and sew along with us!