Snowflake Quilt

Each year I like to use the Kona Cotton Color of the Year as a background for a quilt. I have sadly fallen a few years behind and am working to get caught up. Ever since I saw Modern Handcraft’s Snowflake Quilt pattern, I knew this was the quilt for my 2019 COTY Splash.

I had been planning on using a plain white for the snowflake until I remembered I had previously cut some Zen Chic Modern Background Paper for a different project that I have since abandoned. (Can anyone else relate to this????) As luck would have it, the squares were the exact sizes I needed and I only had to trim down a few to make them work for this pattern! It was serendipitous.

I found the process of making this quilt incredibly therapeutic and enjoyable. Nicole is SO good at making thoughtful patterns and amazing diagrams. It was a real treat to make a quilt from such a wonderfully written pattern.

I decided to quilt this on my Bernina B 475QE in a 1 1/2″ grid. I do almost all of my quilting at home and very rarely send quilts out to be quilted. I love using my Bernina. The stitches are even, despite not having the Bernina Stitch Regulator. You cannot beat the stitch quality of a Bernina.

I bound the quilt using the same Kona Splash thinking it would be a good way to not distract from or add to the quilt. I am so pleased with how this quilt turned out. It is such a fun quilt that can bridge the gap between Christmas quilts and spring quilts.

2 thoughts on “Snowflake Quilt

  1. Hi Jen, can you tell me, when you do grid quilting, like on your snowflake, do you start from one side or in the middle and radiate? And how do you handle the other direction to get such crisp cross lines? Do you use a foot to measure your next line, or do you mark? So many questions, because your snowflake looks so perfect. Thanks

    • Hi Suzanne! You are so kind! I start at one edge of the quilt and work my way across until I can’t possibly fit any more in my throat space, then rotate and finish in that same direction. Then I do the same in the other direction. My walking foot has a guide that I can attach to keep my lines spaced and I never mark. I just go for it. I hope that makes sense!

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