How to: Make Bias Binding

I recently had the need to make bias binding and I was really surprised that I could not find a tutorial geared towards quilters that actually made sense to me. I realized I couldn’t be the only one who had a hard time finding something without frustration and decided I’d make a tutorial the next time I made bias binding.

Start with your yardage laid out like this. It would probably be wise to press it first. If your top line of your fabric isn’t straight, make sure it is. 🙂

Fold the selvage up to the top line of the fabric.

Fold again, but bringing the top down following the diagonal line. This is your bias and where you will cut. Continue folding along this same line until your fabric is a small enough packet you can cut it.

Turn your fabric so you can use the markings on your cutting mat.

Cut off the far right edge to make it straight.

Now you can cut your binding at whatever width you desire. I use 2-1/4″. When you cut bias binding, you will end up with 2 strips from each cut.

If you are attaching it to a scalloped or curved edge quilt, I highly recommend doing a stay stitch around the edge of the quilt before you trim it and before you attach the binding. This helps keep the bias edges of the quilt from stretching too much.

8 thoughts on “How to: Make Bias Binding

  1. I love this method for bias binding. Cut the strips. Sew them together. Fold, press, cut off dog ears with ruler and rotary cutter. Done.
    I dislike the tube method. All the marking, then trying to match the markings to sew the seam across which has to be offset by one row. Now cut the strips with scissors which I can never get straight. After cutting the strip, I have to lay my cutting ruler down and trim the strip to make it usable. Oh me.
    Thanks a bunch.

  2. I so admire the ones who think of all the wonderful shortcuts for us.
    I’m great at inventing the shortcuts, but I am a whiz at copying them.
    I used to cut bias strips for binding just one single strip at a time. DUH!

  3. I followed this and strip cutting went quick but I found that they had a bow in them when I cut through the fold. I guess I need to stick yardage that is smaller than a half meter.

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