#jensfillerblocks Log Cabin and Courthouse Steps

Hey all of you sampler quilters! I didn’t forget about you, even though I’m still so excited about my Olympic Rings mini quilt. Today I have 2 options of #jensfillerblocks for you. They are both constructed in very similar ways and it just made sense to share them on the same day. A traditional Log Cabin block is on the left and a traditional Courthouse Steps block is on the right in the picture. 

For the construction of these blocks, I tried 2 different sizes and both yielded blocks that I had to trim down on their final strip to get to 6.5″. This does not bother me at all, even though the outer layers will end up being smaller-ish than the rest. 

Start with either a 1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ center square. I used 1-1/4″ for log cabin and 1-1/2″ for courthouse steps. Which ever size you decide on, make sure all of your logs are the same size to achieve a more uniform look. 

Log Cabin: Add on a log that is the same size as your center block, then add a log above that, then continue in a circular pattern around and around and around. 

Courthouse steps: Add on 2 steps that are the same size as the center step on the top and bottom of the center step. Then add on the sides, then the top and bottom, then the sides, etc etc etc. 

I chose to make mine scrappy, but a cohesive scrappy. You can go crazy and make everything scrappy without any white, use white and scrappy, the options are pretty much limitless. Enjoy! 

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