I am SOOOO excited about my newest sewalong! Have you seen Holly’s (Maker Valley) ADORABLE pre-cut countdown chains?!?!? They are so beyond clever and so so so so so cute! I have made 1 set and have plans to make many more. I thought this would make such a fun sewalong, so Holly and I are thrilled to announce the schedule for you to sew along with us! In order to not give away too much of the pattern, I will use the figures from the pattern as a guide for you to follow. It will be very easy and self explanatory as long as you have purchased the pattern from Holly. If you haven’t, here is a direct link: Pre-Cut Countdown Chains

October 15 – Do all of your cutting and fusing (Figures A-F in the pattern)

October 22 – Do sewing, trimming, and turning (Figures G-J)

October 29- Do topstitching, quilting, and velcro (Figures K-M)

This is BY FAR my favorite 3-D thing I’ve ever made using fabric. There are some other things I’ve made once and I will never make again. This is not one of those things. I will make it over and over and over because it is just so fun and cute and clever. Will you be joining us? If you’ve been on the fence, grab a jelly roll, fat quarters, or layer cake and come make a cute countdown chain before Christmas decorating is in full swing!

Custom Tape

Let me first say this post is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to share something awesome I found and love. I recently shared on instagram how a box of quilts went missing between my house and my binding client’s. It still makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. My husband and I had been talking about the possibility of designing and printing custom tape for my boxes that I send out and this was the catalyst to get that going. We found a company that prints not only tape, but stickers, etc etc etc. The tape we had printed is the same type of tape that Amazon uses on their packages with those threads that make it harder to rip. I LOVE it! I used it for the first time today and it is soooooo awesome. It is not like normal tape and you do have to wet a sponge, then wet the tape, then attach it, but it was really easy. I love the security it adds to package and the recipients will know for sure what is inside the box when it arrives. 🙂 If you have any tape or sticker needs, I highly recommend Sticker Mule. Follow this link to get $10 off your order! (psssst. 300 feet of tape is only $39 so $10 off is a big deal!) Sticker Mule

Epic Bow Tie Quilt Pattern

Last year I participated in a quilting bee with some local friends. The premise was that each month there would be 1-2 queen bees who would receive their blocks from the other quilters during that month. We each could choose whatever 12″ block (or equivalent) we would like, set up fabric parameters, and watch as our vision came to life. I chose to have my friends make 4 bow tie blocks that were each 6″, used any low volume fabric they chose, and any color other than brown as the main print. The blocks they made ended up making up about 1/3 of this quilt and helped add so much variety to my quilt. There is not a print that is repeated other than a few low volumes.

The response I received to this quilt was really positive and so I decided to release a pattern. As with all of my creations, there are lots of diagrams, some words, and wonderfully thoughtful design as done by my dear husband. This pattern is fat quarter friendly with minimal waste, or works REALLY well with scraps. Ask me how I know. 🙂

You can get it in my Craftsy shop or in my Etsy shop.

Everything is on sale until 9/17/18 (including my comprehensive binding ebook!!)